Author Topic: SOLVED: Weird Vista linking (?) problem "undefined reference to std::string..."  (Read 1698 times)

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Hello all,

I just installed Codeblocks on 2 machines, a windows xp notebook (build 14. Nov 2007)
and a Vista Professional machine(latest nightly build.. 15. Nov 2007)

It runs fine on the XP notebook, but I can't get it working on my Vista-Machine,
even after reading

If I create a new project (Console Project) and I want to compile the main.cpp (with
that "Hello World example" I get:

obj\Debug\main.o||In function `ZSt17__verify_groupingPKcjRKSs':|
c:\MinGW\include\c++\3.4.5\bits\locale_facets.tcc|2498|undefined reference to `std::string::size() const'|

Hmm... I don't get what's wrong seems to be someting like a linker problem...

EDIT: Damned... Didn't compare the compiler/linker options of the two machines thoroughly enough!
I had set the dynamic linker to "ld.exe", not "g++.exe"... my fault.
(But I still have another problem.. but this is worth another thread)
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