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SDCC and PIC development


hi there. i start using C::B to develop PIC applications and i found some difficult in this task. First: SDCC creates a .asm file from C source code, then C::B create a .hex file using gpasm tool. A good thing would be able to choose what tool C::B must use to build the .hex file. The second thing is when C::B call to SDCC compiler, it include the -p<name_of_pic> in the command line, (i add the -ppic16f84a in "Other options" inside the "Projects build options...").

well, thats all for now...


I will be very pleased to know any improvement for this !!

because I am interested in PIC programming

I am a newbie on the SDCC, what other than gpasm can SDCC use to create a .hex file?

Tim S

As I was devellopping PIC's software two years ago, I am interested in this subject. I don't know very well SDCC, but I believe that it can use the linker from MPLAB named mpasmwin.exe.

More information in the SDCC's manual (page 61) (


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