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« on: May 20, 2007, 10:08:12 am »
I must congratulate the developers on the progress they made since the last time I tried Code::Blocks several months ago.
I am concerned about working with bright text on dark background. There are the following issues in the way on Windows XP SP2:

- out of the box, CB does not respect the system accesibility (white on dark) settings
- background color cannot be set black, only RGB 111 at most. Carret is then invisible, only after quite some frustration the appropriate option can be found to change the carret's color.
- the welcome page (home tab) is hardcoded white background. This is a shock for eyes used to dark background and should be removed or customized.
- tab colors (e.g. open files) seem hard coded - white on white.

Nevertheless, CB is already very usable for me at this stage as opposed to Eclipse, which behaves very badly in this regard.

thanks, Dominik