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ATTENTION ALL DEVELOPERS: Biography information required!

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For the new site, I'm making an "About us" section. If you're making a plugin or have been listed as developer at sourceforge, please give us some information about yourself:

Full name, username, e-mail

Small biography. One or two paragraphs max (3rd person style preferred).

How did you join the project.

And that's it folks!

Do I qualify? I've been an official plugin developer listed @ SF for less than 12 hours :P

So, should that info go to Private Message or in this forum?

If you're listed, you're in :)

OK let me repeat the post:

"If you're making a plugin *OR* have been listed as developer at sourceforge". So that means the RAD plugins developers are accepted, too!

Private or forum? Well, it's going to be public anyway :P However you please.
Oh yeah. Remember to post your mail as spamproof [at] format [dot] com!

(ugh so many edits)

Try to make your description (how you joined the project) more personal, 1st person-style allowed. We want to show the users that we're real people!

Ok, so I'm in.

Full name: Paúl Andrés Jiménez
Username: Ceniza
e-mail: ceniza [at] gda [dot] utp [dot] edu [dot] co
Location: Pereira/Risaralda - Colombia - South America

Small biography: He was born in Pereira and has been living there for 22 years. He's currently studying System and Computing Engineering in the UTP (Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira).

He has mainly focused in C and C++ and also some Python (Compiler's project @ college). Some libraries he has worked with are Allegro and wxWidgets.

How did I join the project: mandrav asked me if I would like to in the CVS binary snapshot thread in the forums, a few hours ago I said yes and that's it, I'm in.

Well, all I can say is the spam-free version of my e-mail looks ugly and yes, it's .CO (really, I didn't miss the 'M').

Anything else?

Um, when I said "join the project" i meant how you found out about it and what you did to contribute etc. Not "how you were accepted in the sourceforge list".  :roll: Darn I have to be more specific the next time :P


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