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I've some many problems trying to compile Code::Blocks (to test the patch I planned to submit for visual studio workspaces) that I'm quite decided to abandon. I installed the most recent wxWidgets 2.6.3.

I tried compiling the VERSION_1_0 from CVS with VC toolkit: no way, there's compilation error with wxImageList(16, 16). I do not figure why since it is in wxWidget API. I did not insist.

So I installed Codeblocks shipped MinGW. I lost some time trying to compile wxWidgets with MinGW and finally found out that the make shipped with codeblocks (those shipped with wxwidget I think) do not like backslashes. I then installed a new fresh MinGW. Ok for wxWidget now !

I then tried to compile CodeBlocks VERSION_1_0 with the codeblocks-wx260.cbp. It compiles ok, but when trying to execute, is missing in the share directory. I copy the one shipped with codeblocks final beta and I get a nice write at a bad memory adress error. Maybe I miss the correct .zip file, but I can't find them in the CVS.

Then I tried to compile the final beta 1. First seems that some files are missing in the codeblock project for gdb plugin. I add the missing files, now there's compilation errors with wxWidgets. I didn't insist.

Now I'm tired... Am I missing something ? I read carefully the readme files but no way! Please help.


--- Quote ---I then tried to compile CodeBlocks VERSION_1_0
--- End quote ---

First things first: if you plan on working on a feature you should work on the HEAD branch. That's where development is heading.

--- Quote ---Now I'm tired... Am I missing something ? I read carefully the readme files but no way! Please help.
--- End quote ---

You should have read the wiki. It's all there.
Your problems have to do with missing resources. Just run update.bat and all will be fine, hopefuly :)


I didn't work on a new feature but on a v1-final-beta bug... That' why I choosed the VERSION_1_0 branch. I think I tried to compile the HEAD with VCToolkit with no success.

On the wiki, there's no mention to "make" executable problem.
And there's no mention of the wiki in the shipped readme files (even in the CVS)

Last, I remember lauching update.bat, I'll check that!

zieQ: Don't forget to delete all the dll's below the devel subdirectory! update.bat copies them to the output subdir, so you might as well have a mixed version problem! (The heck just erase both devel and output subdirs :P )

I finally found out what was the problem, I was lacking zip.exe for the update.bat. I downloaded UnxUtils, hope this will work now (i can't test it for now)

Maybe somebody could update the wiki and/or the readme files since they are clearly out-of-date !


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