Author Topic: triggering the ::BuildMenu() of all plugins  (Read 2775 times)

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triggering the ::BuildMenu() of all plugins
« on: April 04, 2007, 01:58:32 pm »

In a plugin I need to exchange the "Debug" entry in the main menu bar.

This works fine. However, the new "Debug" menu depends on the actual compiler resp. toolchain.

Therefore, I added and implemented the EVT_PROJECT_ACTIVATE and EVT_PROJECT_CLOSE events. This also works fine as long as the newly activated project's toolchain is a toolchain that is supported by my plugin (i.e. is a cross compiler).

When the activated project's toolchain is not supported by the plugin (i.e. a toolchain for host development) then the "Debug" menu in the menu bar is outdated.

So I want to fire some event that triggers the ::BuildMenu() methods of all the installed plugins to be executed.

What kind of event must I use for that purpose? May I fire an event from within an event handler?

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