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David Perfors:
I am working with the latest cvs version now and I like it very much. tabbed windows are very nice to have, but I am missing the close button. I know I could use 'ctrl+w' and the menu, but isn't it much easier to have a little 'cross' somewhere (in the Tab or at the side (like firefox))?

I've noticed that and I agree it would be nice to have that little button there, or at least have it like SciTe (in the toolbar). Dunno how easy it would be to put it in the tabs though.

Maybe with a panel ABOVE the file, but that'd cut us one line. Yiannis, maybe with the wxdockit, there could be a way to split the toolbar in 2, with the rightmost having an "X"?

To put a button on the notebook is easy. I 've just done it to test it and it's ok.
The problem is when many files are open, a spin control appears at the right of the tabs. Exactly where my close button was.
And I can't do anthing about it, it seems...

The only other option is to add a "Close file" button on the main toolbar.


why not a popup-menu for the tabs ?


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