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wxWidgets Wizard Not Working With MSVC
« on: November 27, 2006, 06:31:11 am »
I tried the wxWidgets Wizard with VC++ 2005 and wxWidgets 2.7.0 ANSI Static and it did not work.

I discovered the relevant scripts and modified/fixed several items and it now works a treat.

Apart from the obvious wxWidgets versions and a need for additional linker items (windows), I noticed that the script as it was, would never have entered the cppexceptions function and without this the sample would compile but crash with unreachable memory location.

I added a line of code to rectify this and also more items under the optimize section.

The only problem with the wizard now is that you will need to change two words so it knows what library you are using, not ideal but not a lot of work.

I have commented both scripts that I changed if anyone requires them (or is this something everyone else has already done)  :oops:

I still cannot believe how quick the msvc compiler is under Code::Blocks, the wxWizard sample compiled in 38 seconds!!!  :lol:
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