Author Topic: Can't run CodeBlocks from Suse rpm  (Read 1917 times)

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Can't run CodeBlocks from Suse rpm
« on: October 28, 2006, 05:07:46 am »
After install the rpm package for Suse Linux (I'm using Suse 10.0 with KDE), when I try to run codeblocks I have the error:

codeblocks: symbol lookup error: /opt/gnome/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN12wxStringBaseC2Ejw
(I tried two different binaries: CB_20061021_rev3121_suse100+101.rpm and CB_20061025_rev3145_suse100+101.rpm)

I have wxWidgets 2.6.3 installed(I installed followind the CB wiki tuto), I have even build codeblocks from svn about 2 months ago(I unninstalled it before installing the rpm package).
Can someone help?
And I can't build from current SVN, got this error: