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svn 11652 problem


I tried to update my CB from svn 11649 to 11652, on Windows.
Build (even a full rebuild), is OK but when I launch CB it crashes with an error message : cannot start error (0xc000007b).
If I come back to svn 11649, all is OK again.
By looking inside the CB folder, I see that 4 dlls (dbghelp, exchndl, mgwhelp and symsrv) are different. Apparently, in svn 11652 they are 32 bits version though, in my case they should be 64 bits.
If I replace them with the ones found in my svn 11649, it's OK.
To build CB, i have used the new update31_64.bat which calls update.bat. Nevertheless, it seems that CB_HANDLER_DIR has not been set correctly.

Miguel Gimenez:
Works here, may be "find" is not found?

Can you modify update.bat adding

--- Code: ---set CB_HANDLER_DIR

--- End code ---


--- Code: ---set %i% | find "_64" > nul && set CB_HANDLER_DIR=exchndl\win64\bin

--- End code ---

and report the result when executing update31_64.bat? (nothing will be done apart from printing the crash handlers' path)

You can test also (should print OK)

--- Code: ---echo 31_64 | find "_64" && echo OK || echo FAIL
--- End code ---

and (should print FAIL)

--- Code: ---echo 31 | find "_64" && echo OK || echo FAIL
--- End code ---

OK. Path indicated is the win32 one !
Nevertheless, I solved the problem.
It is because I have some unix like executables installed in C:\Utilities_Msys-Unix and there is a find.exe in it which has not the same syntax than the Windows one. This unix-like find.exe is found in my path before the Windows one (this is necessary for, at least, my script to extract strings in CB for translation in French). If I restore the C:\Windows\System32 before the unix one in my path, it's OK.
Thanks for your help.

Miguel Gimenez:
Well, to prevent this kind of conflicts the find part can be changed to:

--- Code: ---set TARGET=%1%
if NOT "%TARGET%" == "" if NOT "%TARGET%" == "%TARGET_CUT%" set CB_HANDLER_DIR=exchndl\win64\bin

--- End code ---

EDIT: patch attached to ticket 819,

All patches related to update* are in svn.


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