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When i try to build my code a new tab called iostream opens every time, and i cant check if my code is built properly or run it either.

Have you looked at the build log/build messages in the log & others? Are there any errors? You can click on lines in the build message to focus the editor on the line which causes the compiler to emit the error.

thats the thing, i don't get any specific comments in my personal code. my code is 25 lines or so and when i try and build it it opens a new tab called ostream and theres about 300 lines with errors that i have no clue what they mean. one error i recall was that cout was not declared in this scope.

is there a way to attach pictures? this is the first forum ive ever used in truth and feel that might help.

this is the issue

before that other tab wouldn't open and i would simply see my code and what errors there were but now that second tab opens up and its gibberish to me.


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