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Would like help with fixing wxGTK3 visual issues.



I am new to c++, and I would like to contribute to Code::Blocks. For start I want to help with this;,22405.0.html, but I think I need some help.

The only things I have learned so far is; the files I need to work on are "notebookstyles.h" and "notebookstyles.cpp" (may not be only ones), it's called in "main.cpp", and where to find the wxWidget docs.

I am kind of lost on how to do what oBFusCATed mentioned, or what else to do. I would appreciate it if any one with knowledge and a bit of time can point me, at least abstractly, to the right direction.

Thank you!

This is the class you need to override:
For gtk2 we've provided our implementation to wxwidgets. You can see it, but it is no longer usable with gtk3.

Here is an example of one in

This is not an easy task for a beginner. You need to dig deep in several different codebases (gtk+'s would be really tough).


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