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Why Code::Blocks does not support font anti aliasing?

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I would suggest using a larger font size in Code::Blocks and see if that improves the font appearance.

Tim S.

Does this problem happen with all fonts? Does this font work in notepad++? CodeLite?

Attached are two screenshots taken from latest CodeLite. The first uses the Inconsolata  As you can see, its smooth. The second shows the support for ligatures in wxSTC.

I am not sure if you guys are doing this for CodeBlocks, but to get the smooth look + support ligature (for Windows), you will need to change wx/setup.h a little bit:

Enable wxGCDC:

--- Code: ---#define wxUSE_GRAPHICS_CONTEXT 1

--- End code ---

and also this is enabled:

--- Code: ---#define wxUSE_GRAPHICS_DIRECT2D 1

--- End code ---

Now, in all wxSTC subclasses, I have this call enabled for Windows:

--- Code: ---wxStyledTextCtrl::SetTechnology(wxSTC_TECHNOLOGY_DIRECTWRITE);

--- End code ---

Inconsolata smooth:

Fira Code (font with ligatures, IMO, the best coding font) :


We're not doing this yet. But I wanted to know if it is related or not.


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