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Why Code::Blocks does not support font anti aliasing?

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Alex Mercer:
In many sites the best font for IDEs is Inconsolata, and when it comes to Code::Blocks it does not support anti-aliasing for these type of fonts. It is the 17th version but it still doesn't support anti-aliasing. Why don't the developers of this IDE provide this facility?

What do you mean? Which OS? How many dpis have you monitor? Screenshot comparing it to another editor where AA works?

Alex Mercer:
I am using windows. The first picture is from sublime and the other one is from the codeblocks. Both are set to Inconsolata font.
I have attached it for you.

The images aren't visible.

Alex Mercer:
I couldn't put an image using the image tag, so i attached it. I need a little help with these image tags syntax. The images are in my desktop.


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