Author Topic: How to change tool bar buttons?  (Read 339 times)

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How to change tool bar buttons?
« on: February 09, 2019, 02:06:49 am »
C::B 16.01.

Is there a way to add / remove buttons in the toolbar?

Specifically, I'd like to remove the "Run To Cursor" button or, at least, move it to the other side of "Step Out."

I'd like to see the red debug button, then next should be the "next line" button (also, as a side, I'd like to rename this to Step Over,) then should be "Step Into".

I bounce back and forth between C::B and Eclipse, and it would be nice if the buttons were in the same order. I keep clicking the wrong ones in both programs.

Thanks, Mark.
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Re: How to change tool bar buttons?
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2019, 11:44:49 am »
Nope, unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. :(
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