Author Topic: Why don't we include a python enabled gdb with pretty printers as default?  (Read 282 times)

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Hello guys,

when I debugged in C::B the first time, I was pretty disappointed, as I was used to the VS debugger. The VS debugger is pretty comfortable, no need to alter anything, it just works out of the box. In Codeblocks however, I couldn't view the contents of, for example, STL containers. Now that has changed, since I finally got pretty printers working (which aren't THAT awesome either, they don't really work with nested variables and shared_ptrs and so on).
I think, the first impression to newbies is pretty bad when debugging. So why don't we include a python-enabled gdb per default (maybe even mingw-64?) and ship with enabled pretty printing? I think that would make things way easier.