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I use codeblocks to develop a linux kernel module. I manage to have the build process ok without error. Great !

But something goes wrong with code completion.

I have "add file recursively" added linux headers to my project. And code completion works as expected. I save the project.

If i close and re open codeblocks, codecompletion doesn't work any more. I need to "add file recursively" linux headers again to have correct behavior, but they are still in the project.

Am i doing something wrong ?

Thank for help.

What version of codeblocks are you using?


I use Codeblocks 17.12 : build jan 6 2018 10:12:19 , Windows 7 Pro

I've also tried "reparse this project" option without success.

It seem that parser doesn't run on headers on project loading ...

Have a nice day.

Can you try the latest nightly build? There were some changes made with path management and cc...

In all the cc for codeblocks is not the best anymore... There are better in work, but this will take time to develop...
this is one that works quite nice, but it is hard to install.. you may have a look at it


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