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How to create a configure script?


I have created a wxWidgets projct using C::B, I now need a configure or any easy build system script for it to make it possible to build without the need of the C::B IDE.

What is the best and easy way to do it?

Thank you.

Learning cmake is easier than learning autotools.
And it is starting to becoming the winning configure system in the c/c++ world.
The benefit of cmake is that it has a codeblocks project file generators and can create a project for you.
Then you won't have to maintain two build systems.
The negative is that it is an old system with some strange rules and terrible scripting language.

Thank you, I'll give it a try.
How to do it from C::B, is there a plug-in ?

Thank you.

Nope. You have to write the cmakelist.txt files yourself manually. Same for autotools.
I'm not really sure we could provide an ide support for adding files and setting flags.
The configurations are too generic and individual, so they require manual editing.


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