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porting huge C++ project to linux

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I  have a basic question.   I have a huge C++ windows project to port Linux. Can I use code block IDE to open windows based visual studio project, change to Linux compiler build fix errors etc or do I need to create a blank Linux project and manually add all the files and then compile build?

Thanks for the help

It depends. What is the project format you're using on windows? cbp, some visual studio project?

Iam using Visual studio C++ project

Define huge. A solution with one project and 10000 files in it? Or a solution with 1000 projects with 10 files each in it, all with different compiler settings, custom compile rules, tons of property sheets? But i guess it doesn't matter that much, because Visual Studio compiler settings are 100% incompatible to GCC ;D.

There is a project importer for MSVC solutions, but its sort of quite dated so i don't know until which version it works, and afaik it's also limited in what special constructs it understands. But anyway, since you need to setup for GCC this won't help you much, you have to convert all settings yourself so imho you are better off starting with an empty project (or multiple) and add everything to it. But depending on your project this is the smallest issue you have to think about, how much does your project use windows specific code? MSVC specific code? Ancient c++-non-standard-compliant-code?


--- Quote from: 23pret on June 25, 2018, 05:43:55 pm ---Iam using Visual studio C++ project

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Then try the importers (you need the project importer plugin loaded), but if you're using newer vstudios (2012 or newer) it might not work. But I guess it could help if at least it adds the files in the project.


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