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Execution of zip failed while installing the codeblocks in Windows 10


Hello all,

I am trying to compile the codeblocks using source code with the help of

I followed every step as mentioned on this page, but while compiling, I am getting the following error:
Target is up to date.
Running target post-build steps

--- Code: ---cmd /c if not exist devel\share\CodeBlocks mkdir devel\share\CodeBlocks
zip -jq9 devel\share\CodeBlocks\ sdk\resources\*.xrc
Execution of 'zip -jq9 devel\share\CodeBlocks\ sdk\resources\*.xrc' in '\Projects\codeblocks-code-11414-trunk\src' failed.

--- End code ---

I have also set the path of zip.exe in the environment variable.

I checked it using cmd to zip a sample file, then it worked fine.

Please help me to resolve this issue.


You have to re-start Code::Blocks after changing the PATH environmental variable!

Tim S.

Sorry, I thought I replied to this thread. Thanks, it works,



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