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Bug: Advanced compiler options resets certain values after quitting

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Mad David:
I'm trying to get LLVM to work on code blocks.  LLVM uses a link.exe-compatible linker, lld-link.exe.
These linkers do not use a prefix to specify that a file is a library.  As far as I can tell, you open a library file by providing its name and the linker takes it upon itself to identify it as such.
This means I have to clear the entry for "Link library:" under "Advanced compiler options->other."

This works for a single run time, but when I close Code::Blocks and reopen it, it restores the "-l" value for that compiler, and I have to go back into Advanced compiler options and clear the entry again.

Code::Blocks version?
OS Name and Version?

On Windows 7 using CB 17.12 was able to duplicate problem.

Possible work around enter single space instead of "-l".\; it saves the single space.

Tim S.

I think these settings are defined in xml files.
Have you tried to edit them?
Search for llvm or clang in the codeblocks' install folder.
What version of llvm are you testing?

Have you tried to hit the "save all" button? Settings saving in codeblocks is strange...


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