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Updating Build from Source and MinGW Toolchain wiki pages
« on: May 21, 2018, 02:01:25 am »
Build from Source:

MinGW Installation:

I contributed significantly to the Build from Source and MinGW Installation pages on the Code::Blocks wiki.  Many many edits I did to polish them.   :)

I now see that the first nightly build targetting 64 bit and Wx 3.1.1 has been released.  With that, how different is the build process?  I haven't done a from-SVN build with that yet.  I'd like to update the Build from Source page with instructions that target 64 bit and Wx 3.1.1.  Would the instructions be different enough to warrant a different page?  And if they are different enough should the existing page be rewritten with only the new process in mind and discard the previous instructions?

Also, for the recommended MinGW installation what is the consensus of MinGW-Builds 64 bit GCC 7.3.0:

If there is going to be a clean break between the old and new bases of Code::Blocks then perhaps that compiler would be something to switch to as well?  I'm asking this up front because if the consensus is positive then I'd like to write the Code::Blocks wiki pages using it as the reference.

The existing MinGW Installation page I built around TDM as before I began the changes it was mentioned in the wiki page that TDM builds were the "recommended" MinGW builds to use with Code::Blocks.  Are there any thoughts around this that I may not be aware of?

I am fully willing to plug away at the wiki - if I can't contribute code then I'm happy to contribute documentation.


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Re: Updating Build from Source and MinGW Toolchain wiki pages
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2018, 10:19:36 pm »
I built Code::Blocks 64-bit with Wx3.1.1 (stand-alone Code::Blocks with Toolchain .dll's included - only need to supply your own compiler):

It seems to work fine, if no one objects then I'll update the Wiki with instructions inline only where they differ.  Unless there are any objections, MinGW-Builds 7.3.0 will be the reference for 64-bit Wx3.1.1 while the existing instructions will stay the same.
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