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wxSmith Couldn't Add New Handler

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When I try to look at the events list in wxSmith, on any of three forms, it is not showing the events that I had created through wxSmith in the past.  If I try to add an event now, wxSmith asks me for an event name and I enter a unique name, then it throws an error "Couldn't Add New Handler".  Querying the search engines for answers, someone said it can happen when the project file points to incorrect files, but I don't see anything wrong (see code).  What is the reason that wxSmith is failing to handle events correctly?  How can I get it working again?

--- Code: --- <Extensions>
<code_completion />
<envvars />
<debugger />
<wxsmith version="1">
<gui name="wxWidgets" src="src\cshpApp.cpp" main="frmTr" init_handlers="necessary" language="CPP" />
<wxFrame wxs="wxsmith/frmMa.wxs" src="src/frmMa.cpp" hdr="src/inc/frmMa.h" fwddecl="0" i18n="1" name="frmMa" language="CPP" />
<wxFrame wxs="wxsmith/frmPa.wxs" src="src/frmPa.cpp" hdr="src/inc/frmPa.h" fwddecl="0" i18n="1" name="frmPa" language="CPP" />
<wxFrame wxs="wxsmith/frmTr.wxs" src="src/frmTr.cpp" hdr="src/inc/frmTr.h" fwddecl="0" i18n="1" name="frmTr" language="CPP" />

--- End code ---

Can you reproduce this problem on a minimal sample project?

I don't get the error when I create a new simple project.

Can you inspect/compare the projects and see if you can find the thing that causes the problem?
Can you trim your project and post it?

I had such a problem on Windows 7, and for me, if I remember well, it was solved by changing the character encoding of sources files to UTF8 and/or making paths to my files containing only standard ascii characters. The problem was apparently caused by accentuated characters (as we have in french).


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