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The 29 April 2018 build (11386) is out.

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Before you use a nightly make sure you understand how it works.

A link to the unicode windows wxWidget dll(s) for Code::Blocks :

The 29 April 2018 build is out.
  - Windows :
  - Linux :

The current SDK version is : 1.36.0

Resolved Fixed:

* lexer: Add lexer for Markdown (ticket #640, thanks Christophe Marc BERTONCINI)
* UI: Make sure the current project is always visible in the project tree while moving it up/down (ticket #617, thanks bluehazzard)
* ToDo plugin: Fix memory corruption due to splashscreen (ticket #635)
* fixed part #1 of bug #641 (EnvVars can lose environment variables when opening the environment configuration dialog)
* wx3-gtk3: Fix crash when doing Control-A, Control-V (ticket #629)
* scintilla: Update to version 3.7.5; use wxstc from wx-master as a base for the wx part of the control
* scintilla-wx: Update the wx files to be in sync with the same files in wx's master
* scintilla-wx patch: Make the auto-completion list wider and taller if needed
* scintilla patch: wxSmith lexer changes (part
* scintilla patch: Add changebar to scintilla/wxscintilla
* editor: Enable pasting when there are multiple cursors and typing with them is enabled
* scintilla-cb: Don't break 3rd party plugins like FortranProject, Clang, MiniDoc etc...
* editor: Make it possible to set the whitespace mode to "Only indent"
* KeyBinder - Fix F2, Shift-F2 and allow linux to handle any View menu check items. see
* UI: Fix crash when reloading multiple projects in a workspace and they have dependencies
* CodeSnippets - Apply modified patches by Miguel Gimenez and bluehazzard
    Adds DnD to projectmanagerui, removes it from the plugin, and fixes asserts

* UI: Minimize the time needed to open the file/replace dialog for the LLVM project
* editor: Fix the feature which restores editor folds when the project/editor is reloaded
* UI: Fix unsorted menu items in the editor's context menu
* OccurrenceHighlighting: Make it possible to set the plugin to override the text colour
* OccurrenceHighlighting: Handle editor open events to highlight all words that match the set for permanent highlights
* OccurrenceHighlighting: Update the permanent occurrence highlights when editor is spli
* scitinilla-wx: Cherry-pick changes from wx-master (better calltips/autocompletion; crash on macOS)
* UI: DefaultMimeHandler: Set min size for the selection dialog
* UI: Make sure that the file path control in the EditPath is larger, so longer paths could be reviewed
* UI: Set the focus to the OK button in the Multi Select dialog (used when adding files to a project)
* compiler: Show the build message when the user requests goto prev/next error
* compiler: Make sure the goto prev/next build error goes only on errors
* wx30: Fix assert introduced with rev 9667
* wxSmith: Fix assert after inserting wxListCtrl (ticket #671, thanks Miguel Gimenez)
* autosave: Add option to save log rotated backup files in a sub-folder (ticket #132, thanks Alatar)
* wxSmith: Add Radio as possible wxAuiToolBarItem item kind (ticket #15, thanks blurhazzard)
* wxSmith: Fix use-after-free error when moving a control in a sizer
* wxSmith: Fix assert when using the wxGridBagSizer (ticket #664, thanks bluehazzard)
* editor config: Make it possible to type in the syntax highlight preview
Regressions/Confirmed/Annoying/Common bugs:

is this ok?

--- Quote ---Scanning for plugins in C:\Dev-CodeBlocks\share\codeblocks\plugins
Manager failed to load XRC resource 'C:\Dev-CodeBlocks\share\codeblocks\'.
Manager failed to load XRC resource 'C:\Dev-CodeBlocks\share\codeblocks\'.
Manager failed to load XRC resource 'C:\Dev-CodeBlocks\share\codeblocks\'.
Manager failed to load XRC resource 'C:\Dev-CodeBlocks\share\codeblocks\'.
Manager failed to load XRC resource 'C:\Dev-CodeBlocks\share\codeblocks\'.
Manager failed to load XRC resource 'C:\Dev-CodeBlocks\share\codeblocks\'.
Manager failed to load XRC resource 'C:\Dev-CodeBlocks\share\codeblocks\'.
Tools Plus Plugin: Registering shell type Piped Process Control
Manager failed to load XRC resource 'C:\Dev-CodeBlocks\share\codeblocks\'.
Manager failed to load XRC resource 'C:\Dev-CodeBlocks\share\codeblocks\'.
Loaded 60 plugins

--- End quote ---

nope, and I seem to have the same problem.

Building again ...


This isn't a 'new' problem : see here :,22235.msg151443.html#msg151443
And oBFusCATed said it could be ignored (next post)



OS X version of this rev can be downloaded from my Google Drive.

Debian Stretch (32 and 64 bits) can be installed from my repo.


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