Author Topic: Integrate MSVC 14 compiler with codeblocks. Anyone knows how to do this?  (Read 1468 times)

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I did set exe toolchain and it can compiled successfully.

but I get no error on build message whenever there's an error on build log.


Thank you.

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without DETAILED error messages we can not help...

post full rebuild logs...

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CodeBlocks doesn't ship with a Visual Studio 2015 compiler setting but you can simply copy the Visual Studio 2010 one and make the proper changes, without Windows XP mode its even less work:,22009.msg149847.html#msg149847

Older parsing expressions don't match the slighty changed compiler messages, but the following changes should be already present in recent CodeBlocks versions:,21873.msg148807.html#msg148807

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Thanks sodev for the info :)

I'm so glad. I love codeblocks.