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Greek In Code::Blocks 17.12

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I used Code:Blocks 16.01 to program console applications(in C language), I added these -finput-charset=cp1253, -fexec-charset=cp737 to print Greek and everything was OK. I do the same in 17.12 but I could not print, actually I saw characters but is not Greek. Can someone help me?

Thank you very much!

I would use UTF-8 (specially if you are only using printf):,18803.msg128791.html#msg128791

EDIT: If you need more help please tell us your compiler and operating system
EDIT2: Where do you see no characters

EDIT3: A even better description:,22168.msg150872.html#msg150872

Thank you very much BlueHazzard for your reply. I tried everything you said but the problem still remains. I uninstalled the 17.12 version and I installed the 16.01 which I had no problem as a described at my first post. I did everything I said but I have the same problem. My operating system is windows 10 (with the last update) and my compiler is GNU GCC. I see characters but are gibberish as you described  to the link in EDIT3.   

I don't think anything related to this has changed in 17.12.
Are you using the same compiler as in 16.01?
Have you inspected the build log to verify that the options have been passed to the compiler?

Yes I use the same compiler. Yes I have checked them, everything is ok... Is there any possibility the last windows update create the problem?


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