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create project given list of source files


I have a text file containing list of Fortran source files than can be compiled into an executable using gfortran. Can I create create a project file by importing this list rather than typing the source file names manually?

Nope, but you can write a script which adds the files from the list to an empty project.

See here for the apis:

This Python script

infile = "list.txt"
lines = open(infile,"r").readlines()
print('"' + '" "'.join([line.strip() for line in lines]) + '"')

gives output such as

"foo.f90" "bar.f90" "main.f90"

which can then be pasted in the "File name:" box that appears when one clicks Project, add files.

Codeblocks uses squirrel for scripting: it is close to lua, but with c like syntax.
You can run one line scripts with the script console: View->scrip console. In the bottom line you can enter commands, or running a .script file.

In your case i would run a script file with this content:

--- Code: ---local arr =
"File 1.c",
"File 1.h",
"File 2.c",
"File 2.h"

local project = GetProjectManager().GetActiveProject();
foreach(i, fi in arr)
for(i = 0; i < project.GetBuildTargetsCount(); ++i)
GetProjectManager().AddFileToProject( _T(fi), project, i);
Log(_T("Import finished"));

--- End code ---

Edit: For the above script all files have to exist and be in the same folder as the project but you can use relative paths and absolute paths. To read a txt file ask or read the squirrel documentation
Edit2: The files are getting added to all targets of the project


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