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Multiple wxs tabs displaying the same xml text are open, and crash when closed.

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I have four wxs file tabs open that show the contents of the same wxs file. One of them displays the front panel in a graphical way. The other three are redundantly showing the wxs file's xml text. When I attempt to close any of these other three Code::Blocks crashes.  The message dialog that opens says:

--- Quote ---Code::Blocks IDE has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

--- End quote ---

What is the workaround to get the redundant wxs tabs displaying the xml text closed?

My Code::Blocks version is 16.01. The project is a wxSmith C++ one. The OS is Windows 7.

Probably delete the .layout file next to the .cbp file. Can you tell us how have you opened the same wxs file 3 times?

The way the same wxs file opened as an xml text display in more that one tab is a dialog box opened that said the file had changed outside of Code::Blocks asked if I want to load the changes. When I answered affirmatively, instead of the loading into the existing tab, it loaded into a new tab, such that two tabs displayed it as xml text, and one tab displayed it graphically.

I do not know how the file got changed outside of Code::Blocks or even if it actually was changed. If it was not changed I do not know what triggered the dialog box's appearance.

Then the dialog box opened again, and when I answered affirmatively once again, it open a third xml text  tab.

Can you reproduce the problem again?

I tried:
1) Create a wxWidgets project
2) Create a new wxSmith dialog xrc based
3) Save all
4) Open xrc file in wxSmith and add a view elements
5) Save everything
6) Open xrc file in Notepad++ and modify some elements
7) Bring Codeblocks to front: Codeblocks does not detect the modified file (the xrc file) and does not ask anything I tried multiple ways to bring codeblocks to front, because i noted that not all works for file detection (you have to minimize and maximize it, simply by bringing back to front is not enough)
8) Close the xrc tab wihtin codeblocks, and reopen it from the "resources" tab: Codeblocks reloads and displays the correct modified xrc file

Windows 7 Codeblocks 10747 wx2.8


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