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Code autocompletion hangs Code::Blocks

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I found that Code::Blocks hangs when using autocompletion and the declaration being autocompleted is too long for the space available.
By resizing the editor window and triggering autocompletion I was able to reproduce this problem.

See the attached screenshot and project.

PD: I'm running Debian testing with official packages (Release 16.01 rev 10692, SDK version 1.29.0, wx3.0.3)

What happens if you try some of the latest night builds or even 17.xx-rc1?

Tried the latest nighty build and the RC from jens repository, they both show the problem.

Note that to reproduce the problem you have to enable "Documentation popup" in the General settings, I have disabled that and the problem is gone (anyway I didn't use that feature).

Ok, I'll see if it reproduces on my end.
Can you try to provide an example which is self sufficient?
No includes, just simple code which is enough to reproduce the problem.

I'm asking this because sometimes the code in the toolchain/OS is different and on different system the problem doesn't manifest.

The simplest would probably be if you generate the preprocessed source (gcc -E ....) and use it.

I've attached a project with no includes.

There are two function declarations, one uses stdint types as arguments and the other uses unsigned int, only the first triggers the problem.


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