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Hi all,

after applying the latest Windows Creator update (the one with the exploit protection) c::b no longer overwrites an existing file (error saving file). If the file is being deleted the file can be written but the next attempt to overwrite the file is quitted then again with error writing file.

Steps done to narrow down the problem:
- Disabled Exploit protection -> No success
- The file permissions checked (local disk with NTFS) -> Everything is fine
- Created a new project, changed a file and try to save -> no success

Other IDEs tested does not have the issue, e.g. CodeLite

So be careful if you plan to apply the creator update to your productive system. I suspect that this will cause this behaviour

i can not find anything about this on the net. Have you some resources where i can read about this? (i can not find anyone complaining on stack or other forums)
i do not have windows 10 but i would like to help other people with this...

What version of codeblocks are you using?

Miguel Gimenez:
Microsoft decided some folders (like My documents) should be protected from non secure apps, so you can't update your files without their consent. This is called Controlled Folder Access and supposedly is disable by default. The second link explains how to activate it, but of course it also serves to deactivate it. F**k Microsoft  >:(.


--- Quote from: oBFusCATed on November 01, 2017, 08:52:47 pm ---What version of codeblocks are you using?

--- End quote ---

The stock 16.01. Downloaded again today and reinstalled without success.

- I played around with the settings in Windows Defender Control Center and explicit deactivated all settings -> No success
- Providing all rights in Exploit Settings for codeblocks.exe -> No success
- Tested directory outside of "My Documents", e.g. D:\Code -> No success

I am at the end of my knowledge here.

Maybe I will try to monitor tomorrow with sysinternals. Until the problem is solved I am coding now on linux only (the windows machine is just for testing)


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