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How to build project programaticly from plugin using sdk calls ?


dhia hassen:
I am trying to cause the current project to build to the cirrent target using sdk calls from a plugin in code::blocks , i dont know what code to write for that ! can you help me :)

You probably need something like this pseudo code (i did not compiled the code, nor did i test it):

--- Code: ---// Get the current project
cbProject* project = Manager::Get()->GetProjectManager()->GetActiveProject();
// Get the debug build target
ProjectBuildTarget* target = project ->GetBuildTarget(wxT("debug"));

PluginsArray arr = Manager::Get()->GetPluginManager()->GetCompilerOffers();
cbCompilerPlugin* comp;
for(size_t i = 0; i < arr.size(); ++i)
   comp = dynamic_cast<cbCompilerPlugin*>(arr[i])
        // here you should check if this is the right compiler. No idea how you can do this

if(comp->GetExitCode() != 0)
    //compiling failed

--- End code ---


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