Author Topic: how to create statically linked apps using codeblocks+wxWidgets on Linux  (Read 638 times)

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hello guys, I want to learn to create wxWidgets apps using Code::Blocks 16.01 on Salix Linux. and I have a couple of a questions.
I have installed codeblocks with wxWidgets-2.8.12. the wxWidgets was configured with

--enable-shared --enable-debug

the questions are
1. how to create a statically-linked wxWidgets App so that I would be able to run the app in other computer without installing wxWidgets library? 
2. considering this wxWidgets-codeblocks configuration, can I create a wxWidgets-3 apps? If I choose to create a wxWidgets-3 project that available in the create-new-project-wizard the output is still in 2.8.12 version.


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Step 1: Build a static wxWidgets of the version you want to use.
Step 2: Learn about your Linux Distro on how to test wx-config to default to the correct version of wxWidgets.

Please read the rules,9996.0.html

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