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Re: questions about wxsmith in CB
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Also for me personally the error mesage make sence, as "aaaa" wasnīt really declared, exept in the .rc file, but that file seems not to be conected to the sources.
yes... the compiler needs to know where to find the resource file, but we don't know where the compiler searches. This is all displayed in the compiler command line and the command line is posted in  the "build log" tab and not in the "build message" tab. You posted the later and this has no usefull information for us.

We told you 100 times to read ALL the faq... Sometimes you simply have to follow ALL instructions and don't complain, or think this is not related to you...
Like i said not familiar with the comandline, so I sought what I posted must be the "build log". However I thinK to know where the problem was, I have to use the wxICON macro and I typed it wrong, so itīs recognized as a constructor. The corect line must look like this:

Code: [Select]
Frame->SetIcon(wxICON(aaaa));Really stupied error, will tell tomorow if it worcked.

Like expected, it worcked. So now I am really looking like an idiot, sorry for wasting everibodies time. Think I have worcked with maxscript, which is kase insensible, to often. So just to explain, in maxscript is wxICON and wxIcon exactlly the same, but not in C++.
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