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Variables in external function call



I am writing a code in C, where I have a number of external functions. Now I came across something I struggle with:

I have file common.c where I define a number of global variables, that I then call in before main. If I call external functions
in main that require variables from common.c, I would have assumed that I am required to add them to the function call of this specific
external function. Suprisingly, I do not need to do that as Code::Blocks automatically uses the right variable within the external function,
even though I have not added it to the function call. How does this work? Since I consider this quite untransparent, I would like to deactivate
this. Can someone please let me know how to do this?

Thanks for the help!!!!!!!!

Please read the rules; then, try to state an Code::Blocks related question.
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Tim S.


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