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Check Boxes in properties not displaying check, Version 16.01 on Ubuntu 16.04

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Is anyone else having this minor issue?

The check box squares in the properties pane does not display the actual check mark, but they do enable and disable their features.
In Ver 16.01 under Windows they operate as expected.

A bit annoying for visually impaired users I'm helping.

Is this a known issue or anomaly?

There seems to be a desktop under Ubuntu that causes a lot of GUI related bugs. I think it was called Unity or something like that.
No idea if this is one of the bugs.

I suggest posting the desktop info on your system.

Tim S.

OS/distro, C::B version, screenshot?

CodeBlocks Version 16.01 on Ubuntu 16.04.

Desktop may be Unity.

You're talking about Is member and default pos and similar, aren't you?


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