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After codeblock installation, it is not running


After installing the code blocks on my Windows 10, 32 bit system, when I am trying to run for the first time, I am getting following message.

The application encountered an error at
C:\CB15xx\src\sdk\configmanager.cpp, on line 236
The error message is :

TinyXMLerror: Error document empty
At row 0, column: 0

Code::Blocks version revision 10702 (gcc 4.9.2, build : Jan 25 2016 21:17:58)

Please suggest solutions to solve this problem. The error message is also attached for reference.


Delete the file mentioned in the message and it will work.
Is this the first time you install C::B? Do you have some antivirus software running?

Yes, it is the first time we are installing the C::B. we have anti virus running in the system
F-Secure and windows defender
I deleted the config file. But C::B is not starting

After restart of the system the C::B is starting.. thanks for the support


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