Author Topic: C::B(16.01) & gcc(4.9.2) - download is outdated (e.g.: stoi() or stod() )  (Read 2012 times)

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(If this post is on a wrong place, I'm sorry.)

This is supposed to be a massage to the developers of Code::Blocks and the Code::Blocks-Webpage.

There is a new GNU gcc version out there.

The GNU gcc version in the download:   is v4.9.2

On the GNU page:   is the actuel version v6.2

that's all.

I stumbled over that, because the   c++11  std:: comands
stoi();               // converts 'char' in 'int'
and  stod();      // converts 'char' in 'double'
didn't work on my win10 computer in Code::Blocks like in this youtube video (from Nov. 2014):
at video time 21:00.
I think he's using an apple comuter in this video.

There is also a Debug Build Log in two parts (I hoppe it is one and helps).

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We know and no one stops you from installing this new version of the compiler.
You just need to find a proper build. Please search for MinGw.
This compiler is provided just for convenience to make it a bit easier for users.
With next release we'll probably ship newer version, until then this is what we have.
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Re: C::B(16.01) & gcc(4.9.2) - download is outdated (e.g.: stoi() or stod() )
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2016, 01:15:44 am »
usually TDM has supplied MinGW64 multilib gcc versions for use with codeblocks, but there has not been a new version since gcc-5.1.0.
Since the new codeblocks now sports xml configuration for setting up the compilers i can offer a TDM based build of gcc-6.2.0 but it will not be multilib since it is rather hard to build.
Just keep in mind that libraries build with earlier versions of gcc will most likely not work if you upgrade to this, since gcc now defaults to gnu++14 where as the previous versions defaulted to gnu++98.