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[SOLVED]Needed 'wxmsw30u_gcc_custom.dll' file not created on build (release).


I thought I had a couple Win 7 64bit PC(with C::B 16.01/wxWidgets 3.02) installs dialed-in, but I realized wxmsw30u_gcc_custom.dll files were not being created for each test project we've built.

Is there a setting in CB that controls whether or not this dll is created or not?

The dlls are not in any of the project folders.  My Windows searches does not find them.
Dependency Walker cannot find this DLL...

(my compile string was: mingw32-make.exe -f makefile.gcc SHARED=1 MONOLITHIC=1 BUILD=release UNICODE=1 CXXFLAGS="-std=gnu++11")

This has nothing to do with codeblocks per se...
This is the wxWidgets library and you will find it in PATH_TO_WXWIDGETS/lib/gcc_dll/

Yes, I found it there.
Thank you BlueHazzard.

Please excuse the inappropriate post.

Thank you.

Excuse me, but how do I add the dll to always be in the program (.exe), so I don't have to add it all the time in other computers? I now this is an old post, but I'm a begginer at this, I hope you can help me.

Find a static library version and link statically. Most of the time this is not possible.


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