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Problem with Valgrind plugin arguments



Using Valgrind very successfully from within CodeBlocks... but I have encountered a problem. When I try to run valgrind on a program with a space in the pathname, valgrind fails with a "can't find xmi file" error. On careful inspection of the command line with which valgrind is being launched, the name of the program is in quotes, but the name of the xml file is NOT quoted, leading to the problem I am seeing. Typing the same thing into a terminal window but quoting the name of the xml output file, it all runs as expected.

Is it possible to modify the format of the command line of the valgrind plugin? Or is this embedded in the .so file and hence needs to be done by the plugin's maintainer? Either way, I suggest it's a bug.


I will take a look at this.

An update to this post...

I was incorrectly assuming that Valgrind was not starting. In fact, it was. (Confused by the two output windows.) But what is happening is that invoking Valgrind as described above loses the output file - Valgrind's output is simply written to the Valgrind output window. Regardless, this is not the desired behaviour.


I have been having a similar if not the same problem. Running from the command line with the XML file path in quotes solves the issue, but it would be nice to get this fixed in a release version.

Fixed in rev 11029.


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