Author Topic: A-Style Code Formatting plugin sometimes scrolls code down  (Read 1190 times)

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A-Style Code Formatting plugin sometimes scrolls code down
« on: March 09, 2016, 08:05:26 pm »

when I enter new code in a quick fashion I am using the default 'Alt-A' to let the A-Style
plugin do the formatting. That works great, especially in complex if-then clauses etc.

I noticed that every time it needs to add a new line (e.g. for a bracket) the cursor stays in
the same line, but the code is scrolled up until the line with the cursor is the last line visible
in the editor. It does not do that when its sufficient to move the lines horizontally only.

Is easy to verify when a format style is selected that puts brackets on its own line in a in clause.
Use HelloWorld example, put in a comment line so far down that the window scrolls the
start of the code out and you can add in the middle of the screen
Code: [Select]
if () {
  something; }

Now press Alt-A. A-Style should make sth. like this (depending on the style selected).

Code: [Select]
if ()

It should also scroll your line to the bottom of the window.

I am looking for ways to get rid of that behaviour. Any Ideas?

Using C::B16:01 in Win7_x64.