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Suggestion to avoid annoying warnings
« on: August 24, 2015, 03:04:24 am »
Every time I build CB using CB and MinGW I have seen tons of wx-related warnings in the tabs Build Log and Build messages.

I found two easy ways how to get rid of them, but both have drawbacks.

The first way is that in the Advanced compiler options replace the option Add header files search path (eg -I) from -I to -isystem. The downside is that this affects all projects, including those wherein need to see the warnings.

The second one is that in Project build options delete from list Search directories > Compiler all referring to the WX

and add it in the Compiler settings > Other compiler options

But this disadvantage is that that seems like the header files are no longer parsed, so does not work auto-completion, etc.

I suggest add to the Advanced compiler options another field specifically for -isystem compiler option. For example, like in first image.

And add checkboxes to the list in Search directories > Compiler, so the user can choose where to "disable" warnings, and where not (second image).