Author Topic: Recommendation needed: MDI app, cross-platform, frame inheritance  (Read 1225 times)

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I am trying to develop a cross-platform GUI app (Windows and Linux) using an IDE that supports creating a hierarchy of forms.

I have been playing with wxSmith for a week or two, and like it (the tutorials are very good), but it may not be able to help me with the MDI/frame inheritance goals. (see,19794.0.html)

I have installed wxFormBuilder, but it comes without documentation. I was asked to post a request for that information in the wxWidgets forum, which I did, and which yielded only a recommendation to try wxCrafter... which also does not come with documentation. (Seriously, how do you people work like this?)

I may just abandon the frame inheritance objective, and continue with wxSmith copying/pasting like crazy for every new form... but before I do that, I would be grateful to hear from anybody who has developed an MDI app with wxWidgets, and to know what IDE you used.