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Updating my installation
« on: November 22, 2014, 02:10:46 am »
Ive been a happy coder for some years now, using C::B/MinGW/GCC++
but I never figured out, how these 3 work together and how to install them one by one.
Ive reinstalled my whole system a few times, but for C::B I always went back to this old topic, where I got the instructions so easily worded that I could install it all without actually understanding what the installation is doing, especially not understanding what pieces are prepacked together in which part of the instructions.,5231.msg40775.html#msg40775

I actually managed to have MinGW and MinGW-W64 installed side by side, but dont ask me how I did that, I did it once LONG ago and ever since then Im just copying a backup of the installation into every new computer I buy.

Ive developped quite a few things, all working just fine, but I still have no clue how to setup the environment, other than through the instructions in that old topic.

Well ....... yesterday I bought a new computer, a pretty good one I believe, only downside, it has Windows8.1 on it.

Ive copied my old backup of C::B/MinGW/GCC++ onto the new harddisc and it works, no problem there, but then I got to think, there must be some new versions out by now, so maybe its time to go for an update.
But then, without the list from that old topic, how do I do this?
I would assume the MinGW installer 5.1.3 is obsolete by now, same as the make and the gdb, so I tried through the main website of MinGW to find and download each part by myself, but as expected, Im getting lost in 100s of packages offered on sourceforge where I just cant figure out which ones I need.
There seem to be ready made installations of GCC included in some packages, other packages without and god knows what other parts might be included in one or another package but missing (and neccessary for me) in another.

Could anyone help me out?