Author Topic: Using Qt4 with C::B can't give in Qt's location under UBUNTU 13.10  (Read 4442 times)

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Perhaps someone can help,

Under UBUNTU Linux 13.10
I try to setup a QT4 project. At the point of giving in the Qt's location C::B gives the following hint:

Please select the location of Trolltech Qt4 on your computer.
This is the top-level folder where Qt4 was installed.
To help you, this folder must contain the subfolders
"include" and "lib"

But under UBUNTU Qt4 has been installed at /usr/include/qt4 and /usr/lib/qt4
For using qmake with an example I put in .profile
export PATH


This works for qmake. But not for C::B.

How can I put in the right qt4 folder(s) for Code::Blocks ?


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Re: Using Qt4 with C::B can't give in Qt's location under UBUNTU 13.10
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2013, 12:08:19 am »
that $(#qt4) that you see there is referring to a global variable called qt4. Go to Settings->global variables, and then click on new to make a new one. Name it qt4 and specify the directories there.

This is done because when you move your project file to a different computer that variable might link to different location. But it's still the same variable that your referencing for both computers so everything just works...

See this for more on global variables:
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