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yasm and gdb on Windows
« on: April 08, 2013, 05:10:29 pm »
We are trying to use Code::Blocks for assembly language.

I setup a new project using the yasm compiler and gcc as the linker. This is the command to do the "compile":
$compiler -f win32 -g dwarf2  $file -o $object

It is using the dwarf2 debug format, however gdb doesn't find the debugging symbols. cv8 format gdb doesn't complain about. However in either case when I do debug from Code::Blocks, the debugger never stops at the break point (or when Run to Cursor).

The debugger works fine when doing C++. My guess is that the debugging format from yasm is not compatible with gdb. Any way to use the debugger with yasm?

I just tried yasm on Ubuntu using -f elf64 -g dwarf2 and it worked fine there. Something odd about gdb on Windows perhaps?


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