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The folder "sources" dosen't display after creating new project.

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Hello! I'm totally new to programming alltogheter.
I have recently been following a guide for c++ (basics).
The video guide explains that a folder "sources" with the "main" file should be displayed after creating a new project.
However, this is not the case for me. I've included some picture as evidence.
I'm running the Codeblock zip version.
What could be the cause for my problem?

- kensher


Looks like you have created an empty project.

I just followed the video guide, and he got the "sources" folder and "main" file.
I will post pictures of my actions, and you could judge if it has any flaws:

Here are my steps.

File -> new -> project -> console application ->
c++ -> naming project "test" -> using default settings -> result


The steps are okay.

Which version of C::b do you use ?

I'm not quite sure of what version I use. I downloaded the zip version of the program today from

I printed the "about" section of the program, so you will hopefully understand which version I'm running.


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