Author Topic: ENV VAR imported from either bashrc or profile, C::B not a child ?  (Read 1000 times)

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Hi everyone,

So I have really enjoyed the codeblocks experience so far but I have hit a bump in the road.

Environment variables imported in both ~/.bashrc , AND in /etc/profile don't seem to be imported during codeblocks Run.

If I open the project inside an Xterm terminal (i.e. codeblocks myproj.cbp) then codeblocks does act like a terminal child and loads the variables. Why is it not doing the same from launch bar? Am I missing something? 

I would expect I could just launch the application from launchbar and still have the environment variables available.
>> Could you point me to what additional steps are required?

Thank you once again for this great project!

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I don't think we can do anything about this problem.
It is a question that you should ask to the developers of your launcher/wm/de.
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I think there is somewhere inside Code::Blocks to set which shell is used for some operations.
No idea if relates to your problem. And, I have no idea if CB works with other shells than the default shell.

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