Author Topic: [Solution]Can't Jump to Selected Build Error Message when using custom Makefile?  (Read 1297 times)

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I just had the issue of not being able to jump to the error when double clinking on it in "Build Message" tab.

Found the cause for me having the issue; it is not likely a bug; it was a user error.

I had moved a project folders from one computer to another.

You need to verify the "Execution Directory" is correct after doing this.

If the "Execution Directory" does not exist then the make can run and work except the path used by build messages is wrong.

After, changing it to an real existing folder, the makefile build failed; because I pick the wrong folder.

Once, I got the right folder, the makefile built and the warning messages did open the correct file and location.

Setting is here in CB 12.11

"Project" -> "Properties"
Tab "Project Settings"
Box "Execution Directory"

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