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Error while codeblocks starts

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Hello everyone.i'm getting an error every time i start codeblocks.The error is this:"/src/gtk/bitmap.cpp(570): assert "image.IsOk()" failed in wxBitmap(): invalid image".
This error occurs with latest wxPython also.
Full backtrace log here:
I'm on Slackware 14.0 i'm using the latest wxWidgets and the latest build of codeblocks from svn.
When i compile with wxPython or wxGTK 2.8 codeblocks doesn't give me this error.
My configuration while i build wxWidgets and codeblocks is --enable-shared --enable-unicode --with-opengl --with-gtk=2 for wxWidgets
and --disable-static --with-contrib-plugins=all for codeblocks
Do i need to implement any other option?
Any advice will be appreciated.
I also want to apologize for my bad English and to thank you for this GREAT and FREE piece of software

I am also getting this error. Are you building from the SVN? I am currently re-making codeblocks right now.
I am on Fedora 17 64bit.
Project wizard added for 'PowerPC Project'
../src/gtk/bitmap.cpp(570): assert "image.IsOk()" failed in wxBitmap(): invalid image
../src/gtk/bitmap.cpp(570): assert "image.IsOk()" failed in wxBitmap(): invalid image
Project wizard added for 'MCS51 Project'

Yes i'm using the SVN.I've noticed that the app keeps running after i stop it and consumes about 50-60% cpu.I must use the killall command to terminate it.
Also when i create a new .cpp file and i start writing,for example #include <ios cursor hangs there and the app chushing.
Same thing happens when i compile latest SVN with wxWidgets 2.8 and wxWidgets 2.9.When i compile 8408 with wxGTK 2.8 or
wxPython 2.8 everything working well.
Is this some kind of memory leak?

C::B is not (yet) fully compatible with wx2.9 .
We are working on it, but wx2.9 is a development version and many things have changed, and as it is work in progress, many things will change before 3.0 release and there will surely be some more places where backward-compatibility will be broken.

It has been a while ...
But is this still an issue?  I'm building wxWidgets 3.10, with Code::Blocks (svn 10922), using TDM GCC 5.1.0 (32-bit).
Everything seems to build OK, but then I get this same error on startup.

I've seen several people mention this issue on several different web-sites, but never saw a real resolution to the problem.
Any Ideas?



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