Author Topic: What's the best practices between C::B and wxSmith ?  (Read 1887 times)

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What's the best practices between C::B and wxSmith ?
« on: May 11, 2012, 10:08:00 pm »
After trial of wxSmith on a side and wxFormBuilder on another, I've decide to stay w/ wxSmith ; mainly because of its nice integration in C::B. So, at this step and before to engage a real project, I need to be sure about smart and best practices in term of flexibility. So, could you confirm me (or not) that theses two points are the right way :

1) Use XRC rather than wxs file (and this choice directly from Project Wizard, since I've seen it sounds not so easy to convert later).
2) Systematically derive classes generated by wxSmith to be able to charge code manually w/o the risk to loose anything at next wxSmith h/cpp files update.

Also, what's your own naming convention, each, about your derived classes from the wxSmith generated ones ? Just to keep something readable when project become big. For example, for a project called "Test", do you call the wxSmith base UI class something like "TestFrame", then the derived one like "TestFrameEx" or "MyTestFrame" or something else... What's your habit ?

Finally, is there a quick way from within Code::Blocks to generate the derived/inherited class (ie. h/cpp files) with "one" click ?

EDIT : OK, taken a look this morning and : about 1) doesn't found anything about XRC at project wizard level (just when a new dialog/frame/panel is created through item menu after initial project creation). About 2) found access to Class Wizard through File/New/Class, but is there a quickest way when it's just to derive an "empty" class from an existing one (I mean a class on which I'll add methods and properties later, by hand)
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